Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bishkek Lassitude

On the Glacier beneath Chok Tal
We are headed back to At-Bashy, this time headed into the mountains as opposed to around them. After our circumnavigation of the Range two weeks ago Ben and I journey to Issyk Kul Region to lay on the beach and attempt Chok Tal, the tallest peak in the Kungey Ala-Too. The warm weather proved fruitful for our sunburns but in the end prevented us from reaching the summit due to soft snow conditions. Returning to Bishkek, Ben succumbed to a various amalgamation of illness. After a week of rest, he is mostly recovered and we are ready to get away from the hot smoggy streets of Bishkek. We will be spending the next month mountaineering and exploring in the At-Bashy Range. Until then!