Monday, February 22, 2010

Snowpack Synopsis

From my touring and digging in the snow around the country,
here is a discussion I wrote of this season's snowpack in Kyrgyzstan.


Photographs and a summary from a week of exploratory ski touring in the Chong Kemin Valley above the village of Kaindy. The trip started with a marshutka off the road and cold temperatures. With Ryan and Abre of The Kyrgyzstan Plan, we left the village of Kaindy and climbed over 1000m to set up base camp overlooking the KungeyAla-Too Range. Despite the ranging winds at the beginning of our 5 days out, we toured through incredible terrain and managed to find many protected pockets of powder. We remotely triggered a small hard slab avalanche bootpacking a ridge our last day (click here to read my discussion of this season's snowpack).

Back in Bishkek it feels like spring. As the Kyrgyzstan Plan prepares for the arrival of the rest of their group, I am back to making maps and excel spreadsheets for the time being.