Sunday, November 15, 2009


Kyrgyzstan! I arrived three days ago to Bishkek, the capital city. My travels here went as smooth as imaginable. I and all of my things, most importantly my skis, have arrived safely. I have put my skiing and mountaineering equipment into storage at a friends and am now free to travel about with only my small backpack for the next several weeks.

I have been spending time walking, getting lost and then finding myself again. I also have been meeting many of my contacts and friends, both Americans and locals who live here. Bishkek is a city stuggling to find its identity as it gains foothold in the years following over 70 years of Soviet Rule. The corropution, conflict and poverty that I was warned of are all clearly visible here but are shared with emerging modern technologies, fast food and hoards of fashionably dressed students.

Tomorrow I am headed out to At Bashy and Naryn and then onto Karakol next week. I plan to be back in Bishkek for Thanksgiving for turkey, stuffing and cranberry with some friends.